Rich Chocolate Cherry Fruitcake

Rich Chocolate Cherry Fruitcake

Ingredients: (Serves 6-8 )

3 cups dried Christmas fruit mix
680g (24oz.) jar pitted cherries - in juice
1 cup cherry juice
½ cup kirsch
2½ cups self-raising flour
1½ teaspoons cinnamon - ground
½ teaspoon nutmeg - ground
½ teaspoon cloves - ground
½ teaspoon sea salt - to taste
500g (17.6oz.) fresh cherries - pitted
100g (3.5oz.) dark chocolate - melted


Using a large bowl, stir through the bottled cherries, cherry juice, kirsch and the dried fruit mix.
Cover and set aside for 6-8 hours, or ideally overnight.

Rich Chocolate Cherry Fruitcake Sauce

Preheat the oven to 160°C (320°F)

Grease and line a cake tin. Set aside.

Sift the flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and sea salt into the fruit mix.

Fold through until the flour has incorporated evenly throughout the mixture.

Pour the cake mixture into the lined baking tin.

Bake for 1 - 1½ hours, or until a test skewer comes out cleanly.

Remove the cake from the tin and place onto a wire rack to cool.

Add the fresh cherries to the top of the cake.

Melt the chocolate and drizzle over the top.

Place in the refrigerator until ready to cut.

Serve cool.